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SolarBag - Indiegogo

Kybernetiks - Artem Denisov

Hi, my name is Artem Denisov. I'm an entrepreneur, software/electronic engineer from Ukraine. I, like many other of you, many times often encounter with a problem, when you need to do a call and your phone is dead. Albert Einstein once said: "your possibilities are limited only by your imagination." So, I decided to make a solar panel and power bank as part of my daily work bag, which is always with me. As result I created SolarBag. That can help to solve this problem.




How it works? Charging like from USB.

Since the SolarBag always will be on the Sun, it needs thermal protection. How it will be?

SolarBag complectation. What you will get


In addition to the SolarBag you will receive:



Universal IPhone/Android charging cable


Mini USB ampere voltmeter. So, you can find out whether the Sun enough, to charge the phone.



Maybe, in the future, I will choose other models of power bank, mini voltmeter and cables. But they are always will be in complectation.

Honest view to this things

Pros: It's very useful, you can always charge your phone. All you need is the Sun.

Cons: It's not fast charging, but it can help you if your phone is dead.

Your opinion is important!

Henry Ford said: "Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success."

The production hasn't started yet, so I can improve it according to your wishes! Every single comment will be read and taken into account!

This product is for you! For people. It must be useful and comfortable to use. So, any suggestions are welcome. Color, material, design ... etc

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