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Dear friends, please notice - for correct installation you need to run installer with admin permission. Push right button on installer and select "run as administrator" option.

This is necessary for the correct installation of shell extension libraries (FileEncrypt32.dll FileEncrypt64.dll). That will allow you to encrypt files by clicking the right mouse button on it.

Device control - for people who love to create some DIY devices with Arduino. Works through bluetooth.

Quick notes - The program has a simple and intuitive interface for working with notes. You can add notes by HotKey combination ... etc

Keep passwords - Now, do not need to remember countless passwords. Passwords are stored in the file and encrypted by AES256 algorithm.

File encryption - File are encrypted by AES256 algorithm. It will be useful, given the history of Snowden and NSA.

AutoRun - you can automate any series of tasks (open any file, program or website), at any time, at your convenience.

Reminders - message reminders. Do not need to remember all, just add message reminder !

HotKeys - open any file, program or website by key combination.

Operating system - Windows 7 / 8 / 10

Screen resolution 1366 x 768 and bigger

Lifetime license with free upgrades

Free to try (14-day trial) - $9 to buy

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